If he knew this before ... 20 invaluable tips for a strong marriage that everyone should know.

Sometimes wisdom comes too late ... This man's life, in general, no different from the lives of others. He learned not got a good job, married and lived 16 years of marriage, and even managed to get a divorce. Because of this bitter, yet invaluable experience he learned an important life lesson. "Even I did not listen to the teachings of the loser, who missed the happiness," - say you are. However, these tips will help you not dopustkat blunders that once made this man. It's 20 life lessons for strong and reliable relationship in a marriage that will be useful to everyone. If at one time someone gave this man the same advice, everything would have certainly happened in a different way ...

1. candy buketny period does not expire. Take care of it, assign it a date. Once it has made its choice in your favor, and you just do not have the right to give yourself slack and be lazy in relationships.

2. Take care of your heart! Do not open your heart to anybody. Love the world, whether open to all new, but inside you must be a secret place, hidden from prying eyes. Save it for his beloved town. Be ready to let it go at any time.

3. Fall in love all over again. Yes, you are not the same as they were five years ago. Time goes - people change. Every day you stand before a choice and yet again and again to choose each other.

4. Always try to see it all the best. Concentrate on what you most like about her. Remember: what on what we focus, tends to materialize and grow exponentially. If you're going to focus only on the bad, believe me, you immediately get on with life flick on the nose. However, if you think only about the good, one day you will be convinced that married the best woman in the world.

5. You do not have to change it. Home - Your task is to love it for what it is, and not to build castles in the sky-high expectations.

6. Be prepared to take full responsibility for your own feelings and emotions to himself. At times, your wife brings you happiness, but sometimes it happens that it makes you sad. Remember, what you feel, it depends only on your perception of reality. Each of us must have its own source of happiness within themselves.

7. If you're upset or angry, never look extreme. Do not blame your wife all the deadly sins. You and only you are responsible for your own emotions.

8. Let your wife be yourself. If she's sad or she is in disarray, do not try to correct the situation. As you already had time to notice the women usually seven Fridays in the week, and their mood changes as often as the weather. Show her that sometimes sad - it is in order. In the fall of whether it is ready to substitute its reliable man's shoulder, just listen and support.

9. Do not take life too seriously. Allow themselves from time to time to fool around. Laugh and makes her laugh. Even in the most difficult time the smile should not go out of her face. People with a good sense of humor life is much easier.

10. Study the various languages ​​of love together. Make her feel like a queen.

11. Try to always be there, even if it is physically impossible. Give it not only time, but also all your love and attention.

12. Make her feel desirable and beautiful.

13. Do not be an idiot, and do not be afraid to seem stupid. We are all human, we all make mistakes. You and she - not the exception. Wrong, but just learn from your mistakes.

14. Everyone should have their own space. It should be the time that she spends only on themselves. Find your own sources of inspiration, but always return to the nest.

15. Do not be afraid to seem vulnerable. Open each other weaknesses and fears, accept their own mistakes.

16. Be sincere. If you want her to trust you, you must not give rise to doubts. Opening in front of her entirely. If this is love, that she would love all your light and dark sides.

17. grow and develop together. Brings freshness in your relationship. It never stops, because the relationship as a muscle - if you do not use them, they can atrophy. Find common goals, dreams and make them come true.

18. do not worry about money. How to make money is to become a team game. Choose the right strategy and the general forces try to win this game.

19. Learn to forgive. Plan for the future and learn to forget the past. To be able to forgive - a kind of freedom, as the past does not have any power over you.

20. Whatever the case, always choose love. Love - is the answer to all questions.

If marriage is for you - it's the ultimate goal, you are unlikely to attain success and happiness with your partner. Remember: the relationship - it vzaimotvorchestvo is constant work on yourself. Someone, unfortunately, understands it's too late. Do not make the mistake that once made this man. Take care of their loved ones, not part with your favorite and share with your friends that wisdom from a man with a bitter, but still experience.



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