Warning: kids say! 20 incredibly sincere advice from the smallest of love.

"Lips of an infant speaketh the truth," - let this folk wisdom to the holes already jaded, yet it is so still has not lost its value. Despite his young age, children often give is that where there is taken to their parents. Small philosophers, unlike adults, think more unconventionally and can in a couple of strong words, not only to give the truth, but to give good advice to their ancestors.

This 20 immediate and incredibly sincere advice from the smallest of the great feeling in the world - love. It seems that love affairs they make sense, certainly not worse than the adults!

1. "Spend more time on love than on the job." Daniel, 7 years old. B>

2. "Tell your wife compliments about how beautiful she was, even if today it looks worse than ever." Vlad, 7 years old. B>

3. "Never forget the name of his wife, because it may end badly ..." Anna, 8 years old. B>

4. "Never hurts those you love." Anton, 8 years old. B>

5. "Learn to kiss - and your wife forget that you are not taken out of the trash at home." Tanya, 6 years old. B>

6. "If you say that you love, then, be kind, has never changed his opinion. Love - it's not you the TV remote. When you're bored, you can not switch to another channel. " Natasha, 9 years old. B>

7. "If you love - it's as difficult as learning to read in a foreign language, I would probably pass. Because it takes too much time. " Vanya, 7 years old. B>

8. "Love covers you like an avalanche. And sometimes it is hard to escape it. " Arsen, 9 years old. B>

9. "At first you think you have got an arrow right in the heart. But then facilitates ... "Roma, 8 years old. B>

10. "No one knows exactly how this happens. But I heard somewhere that it all depends on how you smell. That's why adults are so fond throttled spirits. " Lin, 9 years old. B>

11. "Love - is the most important thing in the world. But I still love football. " George, 8 years old. B>

12. "When I graduated from kindergarten, I'll be sure to search for his wife." Eugene 5 years. B>

13. "Everything usually lie on the first date that certainly will not miss the opportunity to go to the second." Sasha, 10 years old. B>

14. "Love - is when a person with freckles meets another man with freckles." Alina, 5 years. B>

15. "When it comes to pro-love carrots, I have a headache. I'm still just a child. I do not want these problems. " Vasya, le 7

16. "If people have long found, the boy has to make a girl's marriage proposal. He should say, "We'll be together until death do us part, well, or at least until we have children and we will not divorce ... '." Julia, 9 years old. B>

17. "Almost all the boys are stupid. We need to string up, to find a good and smart. " Angelina, 10 years old. B>

18. "It is better to be alone ... It must also change the baby diapers and everything. Even if I get married and I have children, I'll call my mother, so she came to the coffee and changed diapers for my child. " Christine, 10 years old. B>

19. "Love - a foolish thing, but I still want to try once what it is." Andrew, age 9. B>

20. "Your love will find you, wherever you're not hiding from it. I have 5 years of hiding from it, but the girls find me. " Alex, 8 years old. B>

Some tips - it's just hilarious. Children - a storehouse of wisdom and positive. We have something to learn from them! Share those precious children's statements about love and his comrades. Maybe your child gives even better pearls. Tell us about them in the comments on social networks.

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