This is similar to the old hut ... but that fit in this house, there is not in every apartment.

If you think that the house shown in the pictures presented below - is an old abandoned wooden hut, you are deeply mistaken! Thanks to clever tricks of skillful architects, such a small, but udalenky envy each dwelling. This quaint cute little house - the handiwork of Kelly Davis, an architect from God. A girl like fairy fairy can flick of the wand even turn a pumpkin into a carriage and decrepit hut on chicken legs - in a chic minimalist house.

Kelly Davis - a master of his craft. She certainly knows how to use every meter or even centimeter wisely. In general, talking about her talent can be a long time, see for yourself ...

At first glance, it looks like an old shack, but it really is a palace ... I'm not kidding!

It seems that the house area of ​​40 m² is fit only for some barn. But, as you know, the first impression is often deceptive ...

This is an incredibly compact housing accommodates more than one modest bedroom.

This house has everything you need for comfort and convenience.

The houses of this type - it is primarily saving money. Such housing is also environmentally friendly and does not take up much space. B>

What else is needed for full happiness?!

In addition, this cozy abode built with natural quality materials.

It is clear there is no kitchen and bathroom in the traditional sense of the word.

However, I would not mind living in a beautiful place with a beautiful view out the window!

If the majority of people would have bought a house such, they would save money and would bring less harm to the environment.

We - modern people living in the twenty-first century. It's time to change their consumer thinking and to develop new forms. Today, huge mansions - this is the limit of bad taste and, as they say, "with fat frantic." Do you still think that your tiny Khrushchev had for nothing suitable? There would be no such designers as Kelly Davis, and I am sure it is even out of it would make candy. Tell us about this small but cozy home to his friends.


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