He was an old frame and rolls of toilet paper ... I do not have time to look around, he created a masterpiece!

Can you ascribe to me syndrome Elijah, but very often, it would seem, at first glance unnecessary things you can still come in handy. A pinch of creativity plus golden hands - and you can even make a masterpiece out of toilet paper. You probably have twisted his finger to his temple, thinking that I'm crazy, but, my friend, do not rush to conclusions.

Today, the team Ofigenno.cc will tell you how to fix the old frame and add to the interior of your home a touch of the original. When the guru Samuel Byalkovskaya crafts once found in the attic of an old dusty box, he came up with the idea bombeznaya. He wanted to make it into something amazing. He just took the cardboard rolls left over from toilet paper, scissors and spray paint. We have to admit that what happened to cause wild delight!

Cheap and cheerful! This wonderful frame can become the perfect complement to even the most boring interior and revive it. Be sure to show this simple and incredibly steep master class to your friends. They will thank you too!



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