Things that can be done from a roll of toilet paper

Charming owl
Dyes and markers can turn a cardboard tube from a toilet paper cute owls

Speakers for phone
These speakers are capable of excellent home-made several times to increase the volume of the sound emitted by your phone

"Pocket" for storing pens
Obkleyte your beautiful paper roll, stick to it and hang a magnet on the fridge

Lovely bracelets
You do not know what to do with his little daughter? Ask her to do here are the colorful bracelets from a roll of toilet paper

Gift Packaging

With the help of a cardboard tube and imagination you can build an excellent packaging for gifts

Cups for stationery
Do you have a large amount of stationery items for which there is a separate place? Arm tubami cardboard, glue and paper and make a beautiful beautiful place to store them

Holder for paper packaging
Practical and very comfortable!

Cord Storage
With such excellent Cord storage order in the house, you will be provided!

Excellent idea of ​​storing hair elastics
Essential idea for those who are constantly losing scrunchy

Place in the seedlings
Rolls can be very useful approach for primary landing

Holder scarves
If you have lots of scarves and you do not know where to hang the X, use of ideas

Brilliant idea for decoration
If you want to fill a vase Christmas balls (or other objects), but do not have enough of these same items, then paste it into a vase on a roll of toilet paper and the problem is solved

If you kazhetsya.chto in your life lacks penguins, it is time to act!

Garage for machines
Every man, even if it is still quite small, dream of their own garage. Now that you know how to help him with this

You want to curl, and there was no hand rollers? No problem, you can get help from toilet paper tubes

Towel in the form of birch
It is a very patriotic

Soft towel ring
Wrap the roll of cloth and never guess from what made your towel holder

Bird feeders
Now spread your peanut butter and roll to stick birdseed

Birds will appreciate this delicacy

Works of art from the roll
Skilled artisans may try to create just such a beauty

Crown for the little princess

Decor picture frames
All brilliant - just!



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