These people were born in a different century, but they are alike as two drops of water ...

It is said that history is cyclical and repeated upward spiral. Yes, that's what I pustoslovlyu? It is unlikely that you will be able to argue with that statement. Should you look at these incredible pictures, and you will understand what is at stake. Genetics, as you know yourself - a powerful force. Ways of inscrutable. Do you think that physical resemblance is limited to parents and children? I would not jump to conclusions so ...

Recently there was a contest for the biggest similarities with their distant ancestors. From these photos straight goose bumps ... Wow, the difference between some pictures of more than 100 years, but the people depicted on them, as like as two peas!

Father and son.

great-grandfather and great-grandson.

Olaf (1871 year of birth) and Max (born in 1991).

Auntie (1898 year of birth) and niece (born in 1981).

Grandfather and grandson of Henry Daniel Edward Casey (photos were taken when both were on the '21).

gulf between them in four generations.

Great-grandmother and great-granddaughter Lucy Michelle (87 years difference).

Grandfather and grandson.

Jackie grandmother and granddaughter Caroline.

great-grandfather Louis (1917 year of birth) and the great-grandson Matthew (born in 1995).

great-grandfather and great-grandson of John Benjamin.

And finally, the most spectacular shots! Between them, the gulf in more than 200 years, but they still like each other. B>

Father and son.

My grandmother, mother and daughter.

It turns out that before the advent of modern inventions in nature there exists a function "copy - paste". Perhaps you, like me, wanted to take the dusty family album and look for your copy. Show these unique photographs of his friends.


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