Her son died tragically at age 14. But the 23 years later, she again heard the native heartbeat ...

As we, the people, the creation of short-sighted, we tend to see the evil in the tragedies and happy moments in life - only good. But as you know, there is no silver lining. Everything in our world has a dual nature. Sometimes even from the intolerable grief and torment grows later something good. Perhaps the story we tell you today, the world will look at a completely different angle.

This guy is Daniel titles. Daniel was born with a serious heart condition. Doctors told that the baby remains a matter of months. The boy went through many heart operations. His health began to improve, even. Nevertheless, all the doctors agreed that he needed a new heart ...

Would not it be a blessing in disguise. At age 11, Daniel Title state was critical. The boy is urgently needed to make heart transplantation. By accident, titles, finally got a new heart ... It was the heart of a 14-year-old boy who died in a car crash.

Since that time, the idea of ​​a teenager who gave their lives to save the life of Daniel, did not leave the boy. The donated heart has already managed to serve his widow more than their own. And in 35 years, Daniel decided nevertheless to find male relatives of the deceased and to personally thank them for the chance at life.

Titles had to delve into the different kinds of records, and he still managed to find the name of the teenager, who gave him a second life. His name was Steven Norris. Daniel had doubts about whether to stir up the past and remind the boy's parents about the tragic death of his son. Nevertheless, he got in touch with relatives and Stephen arrange a meeting. Daniel knew that just was obliged to tell them "thank you».

Mama Stephen Gillian Norris, agreed to meet. Women are not only heard from Daniel's words of gratitude, but also had the opportunity 23 years later to hear the sound of the heart of his own son, that beats in the body of another person.

It's hard to describe the sparse words that Gillian and Daniєl felt at that time ... Gillian Norris decided to talk about the case around the world, so as to make a positive contribution to the internal organs and transplantation encourage others to charity. Your friends just do not have the right to pass this touching story ... to share with them this article!



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