Once the mother and son decided to completely change their lifestyle. The result is truly impressive!

Now the Internet can find a lot of stories about losing weight, who are willing to read and admire the power of human will, pereborovshih itself. The story of 48-year-old Angela McManus and her 20-year-old son Bradley - is another example of strong motivation, together with a lot of work on themselves. Previously, the mother and son were carried away from the semi supermarkets, now zealously involved in sports and eat right. That's what happens when the goal to lose weight supported by active measures: the result is obvious!

So mother and son who loved to eat, look ahead.


Angela Bradley and fed almost exclusively prepared frozen products, which is why they have a problem with health.


One day after the terrible shortness of breath while riding a snowboard Angela firmly decided that health is not joking, and it's time to change something. So the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle, which the son also supported. B>


They immediately abandoned junk food, and then signed to a personal trainer.


Replacing semifinished useful products and practicing hard, Angela and Bradley have changed and prettier.


Woman lost weight and tightened.


And, as she claims, she began to feel more energetic.


And Bradley is not just thin, but can now boast beautiful cubes press.


Here are the wonderful works only sport and good nutrition. After all, nothing new and special! This story teaches us that nothing is impossible when in front of you a big target. If you liked the example of Angela Bradley and tell them to friends - share portion of motivation and willpower.

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