10 items that could be found in each apartment of the Soviet Union.

Let's start with a quote. "Street name also in diversity. In what city is not the 1st Sadovaya Suburban 2nd, 3rd Preset. Park 1st, 2nd Industrial, 3rd Street Builders! Beautiful, is not it? Same stairwells are painted in a typical nice color. Typical apartments have simple furnishings, and the faceless door embedded types of locks. " If you did not know (it's hard to believe, but still), it is a piece of voice-over monologue in the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!". And I remembered his chance. The fact that it is ideal for today's material. Everyone who lived in the USSR, will remember that at least a few items that were in your apartment, you can find more in the apartments of your neighbors, friends or relatives.

In an interview, Boris Hook, host of "What? Where? When? "I argued that it has the largest collection of images of carpets from all over the Soviet Union. The fact that viewers regularly send videos, which ask themselves. Very often, this video was shot in his apartment and, of course, against the background of the carpet. Well, these pictures enough. Yes, the carpet was a sign of prosperity, so many would like to have it.


Until now, I can not understand the reason, but these pictures were very popular. The truth is I have such was not, but my grandmother and my aunt were. What are they so liked the people?


Such mats stele everywhere. The convenient thing, but in our area, they are not very original. Like everything else, the mats were pretty typical thing.


Here's what music to listen to and loved. Well, and now love, but then this was something special romance or something ... I remember that in our group in the kindergarten was some player. The teacher regularly brought the plate, and not always for children. One day we will be easy to remember any good song, for example, from the repertoire Vysotsky.


The women of the country very much to do with his hands. This applies to clothes and jewelry for the apartment. Therefore, these things were to be found everywhere ...


Disk phone
Recently, I had to call and my friend kept a special phone number, which is still up and running. I had quite a long torment, because I could not remember the number, and dialed automatically always on the buttons. Yet I managed to get through, and the first thing I do is ask: « Guess where I'm calling you? I>» Nowadays, people do not understand, why is the house put the phone, not the that disc ...


Oh, she had a central place in the room, apart from, perhaps, television. The walls kept everything: books, souvenirs, pottery, photos ... a truly universal structure inside the apartment!


Watch to fight
Here at me such was not. So when I came to visit my grandmother, I always slept badly. Especially the first couple of nights ... because every half hour is a miracle of technology recalls its existence. But you get used to it pretty quickly, and fishing is always convenient to get up ...


Easy stuff. Usually I am standing somewhere near a chair or bed. Under his shade Soviet people read, knit, sew and do another bunch of different useful things. And fixtures impresses with its colors, which are often not suited to the interior, because some managed to get such and standing.


Vanity hallway
Also adjusted for reasons of convenience. Before going out, you can look around yourself once again on all sides ...


Of course, it's not all items that could be included in this collection, but we chose the ones we remembered. His memories you can share in the comments. And to have been as much as possible, we share this post with your friends and acquaintances.

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