Whether a cat, or a vampire ... Because of their lack of it has become a real star of the web!

Many of us have cats cause only positive emotions, associating with a soft, caressing and pleasant purr. Somehow, immediately came to mind the words of the great songs of the Odessa group Fleur: «changeable all things in the strange world of human. Constant soft purr Cats ». I> But pet, whom kotolyubivaya team Ofigenno.cc will tell you today is totally different from their tailed fellows.

Meet is Loki. Because bulging forward, giving it an awesome view of fangs and bloody eyes devouring Loki is called cat-vampire. However, due to this lack of inessential, it has become the most that neither is the real star of the World Wide Web. About two weeks on her Instagram account to subscribed more than 30 000 users.

Despite their frightening appearance, Loki - it is actually a very friendly cat.

Loki recently found a new home. According to the owner, it does not care about the defect of the teeth striped pet. When she takes a cat from a shelter, places workers do not even mentioned the lack of purring. B>

It should be noted, this cat is very eloquent name. As is well known, considered the god Loki's trickery and deceit in Norse mythology. B>

The hostess cat regularly updated page in the new Instagram photo of his pet.


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