27 curiosities that understand only office workers. And no gray working days!

If we take into account the fact that the average person 20 to 65 years old working 40 hours a week, it appears that about 11 years of his life he spends at work. Just think, one third of adult life! The work, as you know, not a wolf - in the woods not run, so you have to entertain themselves at full capacity.

The people there are a lot of jokes and jokes on the subject of work in the office and such a widespread phenomenon today as the office planktonizm. As a rule, office routine associated with something boring and monotonous. However, our selection for today's killing will convince you otherwise. This 27 Otpad curiosities, who understand only the employees of the office. They were dashing office everyday. We had fun as we could!

What would not teshilsya office worker, he does not cry.

Welcome. Welcome back! B>

The ingenuity has saved me from many troubles ...

psihanul ...

Sweet Tooth is detected.

finished badly ...

How to annoy boss.

Do not royal case - to be like.

Programmers polegshie on the battlefield.

Working in an office is not as bad as it is painted.

It happens to everyone ...

Optimize workspace.

joked ...

Sometimes, in the offices of such masterpieces are born here.

Nice to live not forbid!

workplace lonely man in the juice.

Intrigue highest level!


This is probably the dream of every.

Guru art of disguise.

In the office even reveals new talents!

In office workers has its own atmosphere ... After this many selections ochumitelnoy probably changed his opinion on the work of the office. Share these hilarious jokes with his staff. Hush, do not laugh loudly, the work goes!

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