5 positive aspects of loneliness: being single is not so bad!

George Bernard Shaw once shared a wonderful recipe for life: « To be able to endure loneliness and enjoy it - a great gift i>». Even knowing this truth, many have not yet found your soul mate, often feel defective, and in the investigation and unhappy. Is loneliness is so detrimental effect on a person? I do not rule out the negative aspects of it, but if you can not make a difference, you should just try to change their attitude to it. Being single is not so bad! Just do not think you need a specially otstoronyatsya other or throw favorite. Simply, if you sometimes feel the bitter taste of being lonely, find in it a little sweetness.

Edition Ofigenno to share with you a small plus loneliness. Just be careful: do not overdo it!

1. Independence
If you own, you may not depend on anyone. The lack of guidance, accusations, scandals, and stress disorders with or without him - which is why many do not even want to start a relationship. The feeling of independence sometimes wins a desire to be with someone.

2. Independent decision-making
A person who is a tete-a-tete with himself, simply takes the most rational and correct decisions. He is looking at a particular situation exclusively with its bell tower, which also helps to easier to understand yourself.

3. Self-sufficiency
When you're alone, you do not need to prove anything and try to please others. You feel self-sufficient.

4. No conflicts
According to the study, single people are less prone to conflicts. They almost do not know this word, because not particularly faced with disagreements and disputes, which, incidentally, is inherent in pairs.

5. Self-knowledge
Some people go to the mountains, to nature, to spend time alone and meditate. This helps to gain mental and moral strength needed to restore emotional balance.

As you can see, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted: alone can find even a positive side. Admit also that it is better to be yourself than to be with anyone. But I wish you always to be with someone you love and less to feel useless. Do not forget about your friends! Share this article with them - maybe it just a little sad right now.

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