Gastronomic tourism in Riga

Latvia for a long time was on the site of convergence of cultures that has oriental roots with western. It turned out that her kitchen contains dishes of several nations. It is known that most of the culinary traditions of Latvians include Polish, Swedish, Russian, and German dishes.

Once Riga was an important element of the famous Hanseatic League, which made it fairly large center where trade was focused. That is why the city is able to become a amazing surprise, especially for foodies. The main produce advance booking barn because quite popular among tourists and can simply not be found place.

Features local institutions

In Riga, there is a myriad of variety of restaurants. Most are very cozy establishment, made in certain subjects. Just walking the old part of Riga is possible to find many original buildings to have dinner or lunch.
Most schools can prepare national, delicious dishes that are very satisfying, because they consist of a variety of bakery products. Apart from these you can taste French cuisine, or even a real pasta or pizza. Often there are Georgian, Armenian and Russian restaurants.

The main highlight of all the holidays and feasts are considered to be fish. In Riga a lot of fish and its range is simply amazing, because everyone can find something.

Local fish

Latvia considers the state sea and river, and therefore there is enough variety of fish delicacies. Keep in mind that it is all very fresh, and most of the restaurants cook "the fish of the day" - so called dish, which is prepared from the morning catch. Additionally, there are many other delicacies - perch, trout, salmon and beluga. Meals are prepared even octopus or squid, often used sprats or cod liver oil. Not only in Riga serves similar dishes, Pattaya hotels in the city center offer its guests delicious food.

The fish are placed almost gjvsyudu. Be sure to try at least once a kind of soup, milled into a puree, served with fish. It is most often made of squid and shrimp. Fish is an important ingredient in a variety of salads. Considered quite popular dishes made from common cancers, because here they are considered a real delicacy.


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