30 habits of successful people.

1. They learn lessons from their mistakes, others, frustrated and discouraged.

2. People succeed consciously and methodically create their own success, while others are hoping that the success will knock at their door.

3. Focus on the solution, not the problem.

4. Quickly and effectively cope with their problems, and do not bury your head in the sand, this time with their problems as a way of self-development.

5. Feeling fear, they do not go at it on occasion, and turning to face him.

6. Successful people hav e to manage their emotions, and do not submit to their will.

7. Ask the right questions instead of asking, "Why can not I?" They ask, "How to make sure that I got?».

8. feels comfortable with themselves.

9. No matter what happens, they are not looking for excuses, and continue to operate, despite the bad genes, sore back or a lack of time.

10. Even though the absence of pronounced talents, they maximize their potential, and use what they have more efficiently.

11. They do not spare themselves too, because pity makes them negative and unproductive whiners.

12. Successful people keep balance in their lives and do not act to the detriment of one sphere of life for the betterment of the other.

13. Take full responsibility for your life, and understand how the thoughts, words and actions have an impact on their lives.

14. Self-sufficiency, their confidence and self-esteem is not based on what they have, what they look like and how they live, but true love to yourself and people around.

15. More action than speculate on the basis of its actions further plans.

16. Like zavedёnnye they are working towards their objectives and not lazy.

17. Do not believe and do not expect a happy event to determine their future. They make my life.

18. They always have a plan for life, and they methodically embody it in reality.

19. They understand the importance of discipline and self-control, and are taking steps to strengthen its internal strength.

20. Successful people come together with like-minded, understanding the importance of working together on projects.

21. Of course, they are good at communicating, and consciously working on the development of communication skills.

22. The generous and kind, and enjoy helping others achieve their goals.

23. Do not try to please other people, and do not need constant approval.

24. Users are able to succeed to admit their mistakes, they are confident in their abilities, but not arrogant, and not seek personal glory.

25. Try to limit contact with negative people.

26. Successful people set goals high, and wondering, "Why would not I?" Function, they can not afford to live on autopilot.

27. Do not look for easy ways, but prefer to choose the path that will give the greatest results with the least effort.

28. Clearly know what they want from life, actively building it, and do not pass through your fingers.

29. Invent, not imitate, they are unique and can not afford to copy anyone.

30. paves the way where others have not yet been held, or were afraid to go.


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