13 signs of increasing frequency vibrations

• Reduce the amount of food required. The feeling of hunger is not there. This is due to the fact that together with the vibration level increases energy potential ... The body ceases to make heavy (vibration free) food.

• Reduces the time needed to sleep. Lost the feeling of lack of sleep and the whole day in the body is present vivacity ...

• Dreams are conscious, alive and vibrant, then disappear altogether. They were replaced by an experience in a dream world. It blurs the line between dream and reality ...

• The body becomes light, it feels volatile energy. Grow wings behind the back ... :)

• We begin to feel badly people. One look at a person or even the photo is enough to feel its essence. We become more sensitive to the subtle plane. Raise their frequency level, we also begin to perceive higher frequencies of other people and learn about these people much more than they know about themselves ... :)

• weakens or completely eliminates the need for communication, loneliness becomes enjoyable. There comes a feeling of completeness and self-sufficiency. There is an understanding that everything outside is merely a reflection of the internal. There is no need to look for what previously seemed to have in others, but not you ... :)

• Fully leave fear and self-doubt. They are no longer functional because It comes full acceptance of all that happens. At a higher frequency level mind ceases to generate ideas of fear and uncertainty ... as well as many other ideas ... :)

• Meaning once read spiritual books becomes clear and self-explanatory. There comes a time to awareness ...

• There is a feeling of absolute confidence in the correctness of the goal. There is no doubt where we are going and why. Comes in intuition, which is never wrong ... :)

• strengthen our impact on the environment. What we say or think, coming true. This is what people used to call miracles. They begin to occur every second ... So manifested energy potential ...

• Comes experience causeless joy of what is happening. This is the result of liberation from fear and self-doubt ... Damn good feeling ... :)

• Wakes sincere compassion and desire to help others and there possibilities for this. Again, very selectively, based on their own intuition ...

• There are glimpses of true being. There comes a desire to move without stopping and reach the end. There is a feeling that this is what you're looking for all my life, this is what you were waiting for, this is what you have ... and will never cease to be it !!!


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