7 laps of happiness

Have you noticed when anything happens to us every year about the same event in the same time? If not, it is worth watching, since every year a person goes through seven life cycles. And following them, you can simplify your life.

Personal looping is easy to calculate. Start of the first period - birthday. The duration of each - 52 days.

For example, you were born on July 6th. Adding 52 days, we get the end of the first cycle - on 27 August. The second will start from August 28 and will end on October 17, etc. Year of birth does not matter.

The last period will end before the next birthday.

Of course, in a leap year will be one of the cycles a day longer. And let yourself!

Any person is interesting to recall events that happened in his life in the same period. Of course, if you did not conduct an annual record, this is not so easy. But each has remarkable days which always remember, so that we can try to find their way through them.

And now let's see what these cycles and how to use the acquired knowledge?

◾ The first cycle: the period features

This is the best time to implement his plan with the help of influential people. It will be possible to find backers for a long time desired job, get cash loans and create their own business. A good time to look for reliable partners, as well as capital investments in a profitable business.

It is in this cycle it is necessary to express themselves publicly and establish a good reputation.

◾ The second cycle: the time small and large changes

During this period, go on short or long trips: they will certainly be successful - both business trips and holidays. The cycle is favorable for everything connected with the movement: the movement of goods, purchase and sale of cars, organization of transportation, etc. Besides, this is a good time for public appearances.

Will present promising opportunities for those who manufacture or sell any liquid, whether water, beer, milk or gasoline.

Remember, in the second cycle is not worth venturing a new business, change jobs, to sign long-term contracts, borrow or lend, purchase securities, and gambling.

◾ The third cycle: energy
You are in good shape. The unprecedented influx of energy will make a significant step. The state of health has improved significantly. Great time to fight with competitors.

If you want to sell something: an apartment, a car or a boring thing, do it immediately - the success and benefits are guaranteed.

However, not all is rosy. Men should not establish new novels. Women, by contrast, views on the need to draw influential patrons who can help in the affairs or to support life. Avoid conflict, you do not want to make enemies.

◾ fourth cycle: the spiritual

Especially successful for creative people. Education loans, write long-planned article, a book, a play or a painting. You will be overwhelmed with the idea that in this period will find the embodiment. Feel free to get things done - Fortuna on your side!

You will be optimistic, if somewhat nervous. As, however, each on whom descends a creative insight.

However, remember that when dealing with publishers, producers, project director, you have to be alert. Learn all legal and other subtleties not to be deceived. Please note that this period - not the best time for marriage and major acquisitions.

◾ Fifth cycle: personal success

The period of expansion of a circle of interests and the emergence of real prospects for prosperity. It will listen to your opinion, you will receive a large credit of trust of friends and partners. Sociability and favor a hundredfold return.

Drop shyness! Feel free to communicate with the senior officials. If it becomes necessary to decide the case in court, then this should be done exactly in the fifth cycle.

A great moment for the realization of long-term projects that require negotiation and business trips. It is possible to make large purchases, to invest in new businesses. Just enforce the law: this may cause problems.

Do not mess with the sale of meat and seafood, and even better for a time become a vegetarian.

◾ sixth cycle: relaxation

This cycle is best to devote their favorite sport, recreation and entertainment. Do not worry, career not collapse if you prefer for a while myself. Great time for pleasant trips, socializing with friends, gaining new cardiac affections. On the benefit will go and chat with the art: visit theaters, museums, concert halls - it will serve as the key to success in the future.

Lasting and durable will be friendly and intimate acquaintance, bound up in this period. Attention Gentlemen: do not spare money on perfume, flowers, decorations. Maybe right now you will be able to win the heart of ladies impregnable. And the women, finally, will charm the prince.

It can be a little bit and work: to become a shareholder of any company or invest in a promising project.

◾ seventh cycle: Critical

These days you should seriously analyze the experience. Maybe right now you realize that "backed the wrong horse." So, it should be reoriented. Most radical changes bring the pain and sense of loss that can provoke ill-considered actions and deeds. Do not smack fever! Remember that the apparent loss - beginning of the next period of development that promises attractive prospects and opportunities. Use this to get rid of the burden of old problems, and start making plans. Just try not to break old ties: they are still useful.

Sometimes you will be pessimistic, but do not give in to him. After all, in everyone's life there comes a time to stop, look back and think. And it is never in vain.


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