30 ways to get her to smile

Bright moments in women's happiness philosophy will help you bring the magic of your smile darling

For a man, there is nothing charming and beautiful than a sincere smile girl. And nothing in the world is capable of so much uplift, inspire, and inspire the way it does the smiling woman. When she lit a smile, even the most severe man to become a boy. As a boy, whose heart and Narova jump out of his chest, and in the ears plays a drill ...

When she smiles, turns the world of men, he is capable of feats, especially if the smile addressed to him.

These short and universal, but these bright moments of happiness female philosophy will help you bring the magic of your smile darling:

Tell her that she's beautiful and stunning. (Not just: cute or beautiful).
Take her hand, even if for a moment. (It does not matter where and when).
Come up behind her and hug. Do not let go of the embrace for a long time.
Kiss her neck / forehead.
Put in the alarm clock instead of the melody of her voice message.
When she is upset, hug her tight and tell her how much she means to you. (Do not try to solve its problems).
I appreciate the little moments .... For her, they mean a lot.
If you had a long conversation with another girl, after the conversation come to her, hug and kiss: let him know that she - yours and others - no.
Write her a note or call just to say "hello»
When meeting with friends and family introduced her as "my girlfriend».
If she is angry at you, kiss her. (Well, or at least try).
Play with her hair. (Pat the hair and let the hair between your fingers).
Pick her up, even if she will yell "Put me down!". She loves it when you wear it on his hands.
Come and play with her, "tickling", "hide and seek" or "squabble».
Sit in the park (or anywhere), and just talk to her.
Tell her anecdote: funny or stupid ... Just make her laugh.
Let her fall asleep in your arms. (This is - the most beautiful in the world).
Put her on his shoulders, when you are in a crowd.
Give her her favorite flowers. (Do not forget to find out in advance what kind).
Behave with her friends in the same way as you lead yourself alone with her.
Look into her eyes and a smile.
After receiving her birthday, New Year or any other festival, say that you are happy, even if it is not. (It would be nice).
Suppose you take pictures as many times as she wants.
Give it three things: 1) a soft toy (she will hold her before sleep), 2) the ring / chain (she will wear them all the time), 3) your T-shirt in which it is likely to be sleeping. < br /> Blast off with her on the weekends.
Say that missed if you are separated.
Listen to her when she talks to you. (Even if it is the second hour of talking incessantly).
Give her what she wants. As long as she wants.
Kiss her in the rain. (She will remember that kiss for life).
If you love her - tell her.


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