New device to help orient neurosurgeons in the human body with the help of augmented reality

New device to surgeons Chimaera i>

Компания Cambridge Consultants has developed a technology , which with the help of augmented reality can direct the hand of a neurosurgeon, showing with what is nerves and vessels it operates. A device called Chimaera will guide the doctor - sending it to the desired part of the body, the surgeon will be able to see his insides all the details.

The Americans have a saying, "Well, it's not brain surgery" - when they want to say that some action is not very complicated. Indeed, neurosurgery - a non-trivial process. There are several reasons - not studied by 100% of the nervous system, the small size of the nerve pathways.

Today, surgeons have unique tools - such as a "magic wand" -elektroskalpel, which is easier to cut the tissue and is able to automatically cauterize the tissue on the go, reducing blood loss.

Elektroskalpel i>

To the nerve centers, located where the base of the skull meets the upper spine, the easiest to access through the mouth. But the problem is that the nerve pathways not only similar to each other, but are similar in appearance to capillaries. Cut them easily, but select without hitting other important - much harder, this is the art and skill of the surgeon.

The device Chimaera comes to the aid in these cases. The surgeon sends it to the appropriate section of the cloth, and Chimaera uses a combination of data obtained before surgery (eg MRI) with the information obtained in real time from sensors and shows the surgeon a three-dimensional model of the body over which he works. The device informs public vessels should be avoided, where to move the scalpel and when the target is reached.

"This new surgical device is potentially able to change the surgical process because it gives the surgeon a new dimension of data that is easy to use, - says Simon Karger, head of the development of surgical products company. - It will allow more surgeons to carry out complex operations with less risk and better results for patients. "



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