Japanese scientists have created a flexible speaker and microphone

Материаловеды Japan able to create a flexible and extensible device , which works as a speaker and as a microphone. Spiral shape is retained by elastic silicon substrate, allows the device to operate after repeated extension and compression.

The device uses an alloy of gallium, indium and tin, known under the tradename галинстан (owned by the German company Geratherm Medical AG). In Russian it is also known as ingas (Formula alloy - InGaSn). The alloy has a melting point of -19 degrees, so at room temperature it remains a liquid.

Scientists obtain a silicone mold with a spiral inside the alloy was placed inside, and the device is supplied with a magnet. The resulting speaker is capable of playing sounds throughout the range of human hearing - from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Judging by the video demonstrations, stretching slightly distorts the operating dynamics of the sound, but work on that, he does not stop.

The Japanese believe that these devices can be used in wearable electronics that can be embedded into clothing, and for the manufacture of implants (eg, people with hearing impairments). When working in a microphone, it can be sensors that monitor various biological sounds and noises.

Scientists have for some time trying to create a flexible dynamics that could be built into clothing or used as implants, and of course, with their help create a flexible electronic gadgets. For the latter already established experimental flexible batteries , screens and other components .

As for the speakers, we have seen such on the basis of graphene , термоакустики, or based прозрачного conductive gel . But all these attempts have not led to the creation of so resistant to deformation devices like galinstanovy speaker. He is not damaged even after 2000 strains and sprains by 50% from its initial size.

The next step in development - to try to make the speaker, not using neodymium magnet and the other stuff, and the ability to easily be deformed without consequences.

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