What animal matches the type of your character?

Find out what character traits and behavior of the animal is similar to yours and find themselves among the "mighty of this world»

The animal world lives according to strict rules. Stronger eat the weak, the instincts of reproduction and survival instincts take up and always wins only the strongest. Unlike animals nature gave man the soul, skill and compassion to spare, although sometimes the animals have a more open heart when it comes to children or patients than some people. The animal world is clearly divided into the pack as the people on the "caste". But animals do not destroy themselves, it makes people during the ongoing commitment to develop and promote "civilization" and getting more and more "good" to save their time and effort.

An interesting fact is that the basic features of the character and demeanor in animals and humans are identical. Among the representatives of "reasonable" There is also there are eternal "predators" and eternal "victim". Stronger "eat" the weak and defenseless. On top of the climb, only those who could callously step over others and become a leader "flocks».

To understand how an animal you are, more precisely the character traits and behavior of an animal similar to yours, read the description and find themselves among the "powers that be", and then, perhaps, you will be able to answer some personal questions that torment you, but you do not want to sound aloud. The answer is very often found on the surface, just a man used to look for a "double bottom" in the elementary.

Wolf - a predator that ever goes to his goal. He took care of his family, without thinking about the feelings and opinions of "them." Wolf tough to defend its case. He will not seek rapprochement with strangers, after all someone else's - is always a threat. The wolf is always secretive and rarely someone opens his heart. This predator only comes when he wants or sees fit to reward someone with his presence. It is useless to call. He is not emotional, so sometimes it's hard to sustain his "painful" restraint and "emotionless." If suddenly you have got the list of enemies of the Wolf, then you just left to enjoy every moment of life as the last, because the Wolves do not forgive insults.

Wolves often are Capricorns, Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Raki.

Big cat. The proud and majestic. Fitness Leo is always excellent, the males are always big and strong. Lions around the clock ready for feats. They are eager for the fight to be on top forever. They do not know how to play, the Lions - the eternal winners. This animal - a born leader and head. Leo knows that he is strong, and therefore does not understand the meaning of "loss", "fatigue", "assignment", "compromise". Lions do not do anything just for the sake of a whim or joy, they live for the sake of "satisfy hunger" without offending anyone for the sake of a conventional self-satisfaction. Leos love luxury and wealth. They used to get aesthetic pleasure from everything that surrounds them. The kings always supportive of his slaves. A lion - has always been and will be the king.

Lions often include: Lions (pardon the tautology), Scorpio, Capricorn.

Dog - a sincere and reliable friend, intelligent companion and loyal defender. This animal is characteristic keen sense of justice in personal and business issues. The main "talent" of a dog is their ability to listen and understand what they need from the other person. The dog likes to be the center of attention, but she was always there at the right time. Such is itself a kind of friend - Superman (a).

Dogs often are: Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Pisces.

Chanterelle always good to others on the outside but inside is very insidious. Representatives of this species are found on every continent, in every country, in every city. Color it always bright, attractive appearance and luxurious. For their own benefit can be cunning fox, blackmail, "pocket" and take, but it makes it nice, gently and without any trace of their "crimes." Fox have all the means to fall in love with yourself. She - a real woman by nature: beautiful, clever and sometimes deadly.

Foxes are most often: Gemini, Scorpio, Pisces, Libra.

Domestic and need protection being. Sometimes the "purr" with pleasure, and sometimes showing claws. They do not like and choose eternal separation campaign warm and relatives. The main feature of this krasavitsy- increased level of self-centeredness. Not getting enough heat and attention it can get depressed. If you are offended by something in front of a cat, do not even dream about what you can get away with this. Revenge you "catch up».

If the cat is in a bad mood, you'll see it right away. In this case, the main rule - to please and to rejoice. Only 100% attention and expression of love can save the situation.

Cats are most often: Pisces, Virgo, Libra.

Stately, beautiful and active animal. The horse always knows what is in fashion, in what the "field" the most delicious grass like to draw attention to themselves in a large crowd, and who really needed it in her life. The perfect combination of beauty and intelligence. Horse rarely recognize their mistakes, repent of their sins. She will blame circumstances and people around them, but never admits his wrong. The horses are in constant motion, they need a dynamic and speed. Partner - is a prerequisite of their happy life. The horse likes to live, having a contingency plan for a rainy day.

Horses often are: Gemini, Pisces, Libra.

What animal by nature closer to you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Marina Poznyakova


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