CAUTION! Things that can not keep the house

The house is a projection of the body and soul. And what it is in the house, due to our future, and our subconscious desires.

Of course, not every thing benefits. Make a small inventory of your house and get rid of things that can clog the energy space.

What are the things to keep in the house is undesirable?
Torn, worthless clothes and shoes.
Crockery with cracks and chips. Flatware symbolizes family, defects dishes reflect the energy problems in the relationship.
Broken household items, broken mirrors. Try to observe the house clean and not clutter up their homes. Dark forces adore dump dirt unwashed bodies and dirty soul.

Gifts that are not liking - jinxed, as presented with bad feelings or to slander.
Paintings something uncomfortable for the eyes - a negative effect psychologically, violate peace of mind.
Pictures with bared snouts of wild animals - creates nervousness, aggressiveness and negativity in relationships households. Can provoke disputes and scandals.
Things negative past; items purchased at various adverse conditions; things reminding about something sad.
Things that could have been used for magical purposes. Some African and Oriental attributes (masks, statues, characters) can be sources of harmful energy.
Antiques with unclear or suspicious energy.
Furniture with sharp corners, cutting the space.
Live plants, creepers - have the ability to attract the owners of the house a variety of diseases. It is also believed that the creepers and vines lead to women's loneliness.
Rushes into the house foreshadow illness, death, widowhood.
Conifer branches are appropriate in the house only during the Christmas holidays.
Yulia Pal


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