If any community commit 5% percent at the same time some action - most of the rest starts to repeat.

What is the essence?
There is such a thing as Auto-sync. The bottom line is - if at some commonality commit 5% percent at the same time a certain action - most of the rest starts to repeat. The theory can also be called CEDC - just a general theory of management.

If peacefully grazing herd horses frighten 5% of the individuals and "put them to flight," then the rest of the herd goes wrong with the place; even if the 5% accident synchronous fireflies flare up, then there will be the flash of a meadow.

What do scientists say?
This feature manifests itself in humans. Recently, British scientists set up an experiment: a large, spacious hall invited people and gave them the task of "navigate as you like." And some were given a clearly defined task exactly how and when to move. Thus, it was experimentally confirmed that 5% of people moving with a purpose can make all the set to move in the same direction.

For the Auto Sync requires that some set of objects have at least partially identical information and algorithmic state and were in conditions which allow the exchange of information between them - if unaddressed, circular. At this speed of response for the passage of information identical for all of them, must be sufficiently high.

What can be concluded?
Some practical conclusions from this: do not make groups more than 20 people. 20/100% * 5% = 1 - this unit is the leader, increasing the number of people entails a loss of control. In the audience, where people 30-40, the teacher will be very difficult to set the tone for lessons and keep the attention of the group. This law can be applied to other situations, try, but do not rely on it. There is nothing absolute.

The launch of such a process is possible only when people are in a state of not understanding their actions, goals and causes. When the level of personal discipline, awareness, control is very low. And this is a structureless control when it is not necessary for each to say what he should do and how: enough 5% of which will start the process of self-synchronization.

Who uses?
This phenomenon are many who use personal gain, starting rumors, for example, that a couple of days disappear some products, and 5% were frightened and ran to buy the goods will be enough to stir up the others and after a while the shelves will be empty indeed. 5% of the provocateurs enough to peaceful protest turned into a mass slaughter. Then you can continue to do.


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