7 proof that YOU meditate

You never meditated? I believe in this? And no spiritual practices did? Oh, do not be! We will prove to you otherwise!

So, are you still doubt that once did spiritual practices? That's 7 evidence that you were meditating:

When you're a kid lace joy, you know that this esoteric practice? So whirling dervishes in Sufism (the esoteric Islam).
When you're a kid, with a sinking heart, contemplate the beauty, forgetting to think, transfixed by contacting the vision ... You know, that is the practice of Zen, the practice of stopping the internal dialogue?
When you consider the world as a child miraculous, magical and even feel it ... You know that many spiritual practices are aimed at cleansing the perception and the perception of the world as a magical place?
You know that pressure on the eyes and watching "cartoons" - a spiritual practice toga in Tibetan Buddhism, in Dzogchen?
You know that children fooling around and grimacing, and joy at the same time, there is a practice extrapolate Christianity, stalking in Castaneda and crazy wisdom in Buddhism?
You know what unconditional love that you felt as a child to his parents and to all, is the same as that let-go, which is experiencing the saints?
You know that feeling of celebration and wonder, for example, New Year's Eve - the feeling of the Holy Spirit? To feel the Holy Spirit - is to feel the holiday spirit.


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