8 ways on how to stop dying and start living

In our life, a lot depends on the person, but the person does not know what potential lies in himself. How to stop and start living to die?

Man does not know how strong he is, yet he has a choice. High blood pressure, diabetes, going wild cholesterol, depression, mood disorder, cancer, etc. You can transfer indefinitely. If you stay in your life and begin to die, your life to change. When you have depression, you have two options: die or live.

If medicine says, "That's impossible!", Do not give up so easily! Think about the long term, and begins work on a.

What should I do?
Regular exercise, meditation, plant food, faith, patience - can do wonders.

Practice of yoga and meditation. Along with endurance and flexibility, yoga and meditation will reduce the stress in your life and help to cope with them if they occur. Your body will become more flexible and the extra weight will go away. Your general condition will improve in the eyes.
Eat vegetarian food, or at least stick vegetable diet. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes. Thus, the food will contain fiber, antioxidants, increases energy levels, which is necessary for your body and a healthy lifestyle.
Remove all foods that contain sugar or pasteurized.
Drink melted water. Freeze the water is easy. This is a very useful water!
Learn how to use the law of attraction. Internet opens up a great opportunity. Life coaches training seminars, visit them and you will know that your life should be further improved. Recommendations visualize success and confirmation through images, symbols, inspirational quotes, etc. to your subconscious mind had the desired letter!
Create a circle of associates. With its surrounding those people with whom you can consult and obtain support. They're also on the same path with you.
Work out and spend time outside of their capabilities.
Find the balance. Consider a child. Find a balance between work and play. Spend time playing with animals, children, they are the greatest teachers. Understand that life can be very beautiful when you have a purpose and a hope. Sometimes a person falls to the bottom, but there may be knock!


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