8 of a happy relationship

Several laws, an understanding of which will make your relationship happy and harmonious

All life is based on common rules and laws. Some prescribed in the criminal code, while others - in the administrative, and others - in the tax. ... But there are some who are not spelled out on paper, but for centuries passed on from generation to generation, and build the foundation of the relationship. These are the laws of love and friendship. In each they own, but all the same laws of happy relationships.

1. The law of similarity
It is known to all true: like attracts like. If you want to meet a kind, sympathetic, loyal, courageous, sincere person, you must do possess such qualities. In the worst case, you can expect disappointment.

2. The law of the boomerang
The more one gives, the more it gets in return. If you expect from a partner of trust, love, loyalty, understanding - and learn how to do this first go to such a "victim". The law is simple: what goes around, comes around.

3. The law of love
Love - is the foundation of an ideal relationship. She is capable of anything. True love is selfless, sincere, gentle, caring, dedicated, reliable, responsible, generous. But if the relationship sneaking suspicion, jealousy, claims, control, manipulation, the pure love comes to an end.

4. The law forces the words
Word - sweet temptation and powerful weapon. Word is able to create, but to break even faster. Happy relationship do not tolerate rough, ridiculous, offensive phrases. They want only the flattering expressions of tender calls, confessions and sweet compliments.

5. The law of confidence
Suspicion, distrust of jealousy - for the weak, insecure people, and the surest way to destroy the idyll. If there is no real relationship of trust, the two lovers are affected by this. One terrible thoughts tormented herself, the other feels the emotional trap. The relationship must be built on trust, and no cause for jealousy.

6. The law of truth
Any lie sooner or later becomes a reality, and insincerity in relations kills love. The sincere love relate to each other, the stronger the feeling between them. We must nurture its sincere communion and sincere praise. A three sincere words: "I love you" - more than all the compliments.

7. The law touches
We are all different, but all, without exception, need love, affection and tenderness. And sometimes words alone are not enough to feel their need and support for a loved one. Gentle touch, cuddle, sweet kisses proof of sincere feelings and desires. All this, as well as relations - an integral part of a truly happy relationship. After touching - is proof of love that is able to break down the barriers and strengthen the relationship.

8. Freedom Act
The more freedom we give to a loved one, the closer he is to us. You can not elect to limit the freedom of action, decisions and desires. Everyone should live the way he wants, but not the way he imposed. Only to meet the need for freedom lovers can try their luck.


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