18 training as a true MAN

Everyone imagines the perfect man differently. But the following 18 qualities that should be developed based on real research. Enjoy!

On the basis of recent research has been prepared a list of the qualities of this man that are most interesting woman. We used to think that money rules the world, the best news - it does not press on the stomach of the dice, and press the money in your wallet.

But the statistics tell a different story. Sin is not to take advantage of this knowledge. The following qualities you need to know and train to pass by this man in the eyes of the girl.

Physical strength. Engage in any man's sport. Attend regularly trenazherku or Fight Club.
Develop the ability to make hard decisions. Do not be a "rag." If you want your weighty word, it should be unquestioned.
Train the muscles of courage. Do not be afraid to get involved in a situation and come out the winner. Remember that the best way to overcome fear - is to pretend that you are not afraid. There is no other means.
About firmness we have said. Hand in hand with it comes responsibility for their decisions. Remember, girls like responsible men.
This man should be able to laugh at themselves. Also, it should be witty with respect to the surrounding events.
Develop personal charm. It's not as difficult as it seems. Towards women quite often look them in the eyes, do not look away and smile.
Paradoxically, but in spite of the hatred of the change, the girls like men who have success with women. So as not to cross that line up to you. Learn the technique of "peak apa" and NLP.
Learn to time to show aggression, to raise his voice to demand. But it is not only in relation to his companion, and to all the other (in the shop, in the office, in the service station) can and should be.
An important quality - persistence. This applies to both the achievements and to relationships with women. They often like to "go wrong." Accept the rules of this game, but so that it does not then become a rule of life.
Know how to behave in scandals. Technician few. If you can stop the whim of one harsh word - do. If you can not achieve the sharpness, achieve technically inattention to what is happening (but that's a topic for another conversation).
Cultivate attention to their appearance. Focus in fashion and prices. Do not seek advice from when buying clothes. Remember - you are stylish (even if you do not care what you wear).
Take frequent pleasant surprises. Be able to create a state holiday for women.
Learn to cook. It brings so when a man still feed their works.
In a difficult moment have the determination to take matters into their own hands.
Never annoyed at the woman. Even if there is a reason.
Do not forget - the way to a woman's heart is through the ability to communicate with children. It does not matter whether they are it, your joint or just running up the street a strange kid.
Do not be bland in bed. Treat lovemaking as a workout. Explore, experiment, improve the result.
Create the image of a man who never gets tired or sick.
Good luck to you, real men!


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