10 Secrets of mature women they dream of a mature man

Secrets of a mature woman, which dreams of all but a mature man, has not lost hope.

Men are getting older and gaining life experience, a criterion of good and bad woman and trying to get a recipe for the ideal. Some, unable to find him, disappointed in a beautiful box, while others share the women on the "good wife" or "good lover." "The psychology of relations" gathered ten secrets of a mature woman for men who have seen life, appreciated its essence, however, still able to change and do not lose hope.

If she has chosen you and has given attention to the means you have exactly what it is so necessary at this stage and what it lacked in the previous time;
If she speaks of love, nothing to hide, then it may be to believe, because the words "love" and "love" just do not say;
If she talks about it, despite any circumstances, so she feels for you it is very important;
If she is ready to wait for your decision more than a few months, then it is ready to be by your side for many years;
If she wants to be with you - she would never want you to share with anyone else;
If she does not want to share you with anyone, then she will be true to you always;
If it is to feel your mutual love, then it will give you the passion;
If she will infect you with their passion, then you will be able to perform miracles, and together overcome all difficulties;
If it is ready to be with you always, especially when you find it difficult - it can make you happy;
If for you it is ready to sacrifice anything of their own, then you just got lucky.


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