30 BOARDS SHAMAN about signs that need to be noticed

Excellent advice from hereditary shaman of signs in our lives that need to learn to ignore

When walking down the street and see a pen lying on the ground, pick it up and bring them home, you can put in a bowl, hang up, or even just put on the shelf. It is a powerful talisman, heaven has given you. Notice such signs Spirits.
Collect stones from the rivers. They have great strength and energy.
By all means try to help others. If you can not bring joy, or at least do not harm.
Difficulties ... a formality! Serious difficulties - this is serious, but formally! There the sky, it is sometimes behind the clouds, but it is worth the effort (to sit on the plane, for example) and above these clouds you see all the same blue sky. Peace to all!
To get closer to the dream, sometimes enough to make at least one step. Do not be afraid of difficulties, they always are and will be. White road to all of you in all your endeavors!

Your moral principle priority should be to avoid causing harm to someone else. This principle in your life must be very hard, "I'll never be anyone to harm." Think ...
When you become a source of happiness of living beings, you yourself will become the happiest. And if you become a source of the suffering of others, you first will be unhappy. Think ...
At least an hour a day, pay silence ... you need it as well as communication.
The ability to love - is the ultimate skill that is in the earth. Learn to love everyone, even your enemies!
Do not throw garbage in waterways. None. Spirit of water may be very angry. To placate the spirit of water into the water you can throw the bread, milk, coins.
Usually we call the past golden age, golden days. This is mistake. It is important to understand that each comes a point in your life - just the most golden time.
There is no perfect religion and belief, there is no worse of them, God is one. So pray to whomever you want, but keep in mind a very important commandment: live honestly, respect their ancestors, love.
If you have a goal to change the world, first change themselves. Learn to enjoy the energy of joy and energy lyubvi.Eto main points and experiences of the person. Smiles, laughter, joy, have enormous power. When you learn this, you will discover a "loveĀ».
There is a very good saying: "Do not scanty hand of the giver." If possible, try to give money to the poor and needy. No matter what it will amount to the process itself is important.
Life - is a hell of a short period of time. Do not waste it on swearing and tears, swearing and spirits! You can do good, have children, have a rest and do a lot of other nice things!
If your loved one started to get mad at you if you are not to blame - hug him and hold tightly, it will calm down.
If you are bad at heart and you feel weakness, just sing ... Sing what your heart desires. She sometimes also want to talk to ...
Always remember: there is the most true religion, faith is not the most correct, the most intelligent of the priests of various cults. God is one. God is the pinnacle of the mountain, and the different faith and religion is the approach to the summit. Pray - who want to, but you know, the main your goal is not to be without sin, and to achieve and to know God.
If you decided to do something, you do not doubt yourself. Fear makes you deviate from the right path, because it is the main tool of all evil. You do not lose hope if the first time something does not work out. Each small victory, closer to the Great.
Remember one very important thing in life: everyone gets their just deserts. Avoid problems in your soul, in your thoughts, then the problem will not reach your body.
Life can turn to face you can elsewhere, but few people understand what you do and turn it. All bad thoughts toward others turn to you. All envy, too, are in the end you. And why is it necessary? Live quietly and size can not be jealous ... and no reason ... Well, there is that person a big car, but his face was something from this machine but will not ... Gold - generally dirty metal, he has nothing to be jealous. To smile and you smile at passers-by, too close, and even life itself.
Do you want to be respected, to be respectful to others. In good return good for evil answer indifference. The man had harmed, more will suffer from the fact that you did not pay your attention.
Do not drink. In general, do not drink. I do not drink for many years, and thank God. If you're a shaman, or spirituality, or even someone to deal with these things and drink, then you will soon run out of all the forces, you will be punished Spirits. Spirits do kill, do not do anything stupid. To relax there is a bath, in order to have fun songs, to find a common language have tea, to become intimately familiar with a woman there in the end candy ...
Not as never regret it too much. Everything that happens, happens by the will of the Spirits, and all the better.
Stones, similar in appearance to the animals, without ceremony can not take, or can be self-fulfilling prophecy. If you find such a stone and you want to take home with them, refer to the spirit master of the place with a request to take a stone and make him an offering. Then cover with a stone on the ground with a white cloth ...
Listening to good music you cleanse yourself of negative energy accumulated during the day. Music - is a kind of meditation that can bring you to life and harmony with itself.
In order to breathe better, to not weighed the heart, learn to cry ...
If you feel that the situation that has developed is unsolvable, raise your hand higher, then abruptly let go with the words "Yes, it went far far away" and think again! As the great "even if you eat, you have two optionsĀ»
When a woman buys the products she buys the future days of happiness for his family. Each fresh, beautiful, mellow and pleasant-smelling vegetable or fruit - this is the day happy and relaxed lifestyle in this family. Man, for his part, should provide a woman with money, so she can choose the best quality products. The family, which save on the products become poor and miserable as savings products - it saves on the happiness of their own relatives.
If you feel that you are wrong and you are worried about something, start to perform smooth body movements in the form of dance. You will get your energy back on track and clear the mind from suffering.


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