Why it is important not say beforehand about the planned AFFAIRS

I will be frank with you. This article will talk about the mistakes I, for my life, made about twenty billion times. These are approximate calculations. The error of plus or minus one hundred thousand times.

In most cases, I did not achieve their personal goals. Halfway I lost interest and turned from the road. It was a rake, which I was advancing again and again. Every time surprised bruises on his forehead, but do not mind getting.

I did not realize the inefficient pattern of behavior, which did not allow me to bring the follow through. And so it was for many years. Until then, until I had my own conversation psycho called Clean Space.

During the session, I found unconscious stereotypical behavior that drove the "no" all my undertakings. Later I noticed that this behavior is common to most people.

I will not speak for everyone. There are people who are well aware of this bug and operate correctly. And they achieve personal goals. They bring follow through.

Personal goals are at each
Lose weight. Learn English. Create a computer game. Learning to play the guitar. Going to the gym. Write a book. Run each morning. To learn blind method of typing. Travel. Photograph. Open a business. Produce podcasts, or keep a personal blog.

All of the above relates to the field of personal goals.

Every time I set a new personal goal, I shared this news with friends, parents and colleagues. I told them that I was going to do so-and-so. Or report that has already started to do so.

"By the way, I'm going to write a novel"
"My friends and I are writing a computer game"
"I'm going to take your business"
When I was read his intentions, then in 95% of cases, I do not bring it started to end. The purpose ceased to be coveted or the way it turned out to be long and did not bring joy.

Also, I noticed that often reached the goals that did not tell anyone.

An interesting experiment
I decided to search the Internet and found again discovered America! German Professor of Psychology Peter Golvittser studying this phenomenon for over 15 years. Once he had an interesting experiment.

As the experimental mice Golvittser selected group of law students of the University. The purpose of the experiment: examine whether public statements about his intentions to achieve personal goals.

For this Golvittser compiled a list of statements like: "I'm going to take as much as possible from a legal education," "I'm going to become a successful lawyer," and so on. Each of the statements the students were asked to rate on a scale from "Strongly Agree" to "Strongly Disagree".

The survey was conducted anonymously. If desired, you could write your name. Just in questionnaires students were asked to list the three specific things that they are going to do to become a successful lawyer.

Typical answers were: "I intend to regularly read the legal periodicals" or something like that.

When the students have passed the questionnaire, Peter Golvittser found that most of the students answered the questions and signed his name. Some do not complete the questionnaire and kept their intentions secret.

Those who kept their intentions secret ...
The students did not know what their intentions will be checked in practice. They surrendered their profiles and forgot about it. But researchers led by Peter Golvittserom something conceived ...

Psychologists have waited a while and then artificially created a situation to test the respondents "for lice" :-) They asked students to help them in the project, which required the analysis of twenty criminal cases.

Students are told that they have to work as hard as they can. At the same time, everyone has the right to "score" for help and leave at any time.

Criminal cases were difficult. They demanded the inclusion of the brain to its fullest, and perseverance.

The results were unambiguous.

Anyone who publicly announced their intentions in the questionnaire for the future, "merged" with the work. They shied away from reaching the goal. This is despite the dedication to build a career in law!

Only those who have kept their hopes with them, could really do the hard work, and to follow through.

Why do people tell others about your intentions?
Golvittser believes that this has to do with a sense of identity and integrity.

We all want to be perfect people. But statements about our intentions and hard work hard, often purely symbolic act. This is only helping us to gain independence with its role. For example: "I am a lawyer," "I'm a writer," "I'm a photographer," "I am a programmer".

But Peter insatiable Golvittser spent another experiment, to further ensure the correctness.

Students are shown five photographs of the Supreme Court. Photos of different sizes. From very small to very large. Subjects were asked: "How do you feel cool lawyer today?"

Subjects were asked to rate their coolness and answer the question, select one of five photos. The more photos you choose, the more complete feeling.

No one was surprised when the students, who had previously declared their goals and failed in practice tend to favor larger photo. Even the mere statement of its plans to become a good lawyer to make them feel as if they were good lawyers.

This has increased their self-esteem, paradoxically decreasing their ability to hard work. They became legends in their imagination. A legend does not make the dusty and dirty work.

Ivan Pie


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