24 The main rule manicured GIRLS

Golden Rules, which shall know every well-groomed girl

Fat is not the stomach is not burned during that time when you are working on abdominal muscles. Press is, but under a layer of fat. So belly even increase in volume. To burned the fat on the belly, pulls it all the time and strain your muscles.
Best of all from the hips to help mahi, from the calves - stretching, leg - walking.
To rocked muscles nice and do not grow, like strokes, takes 2-3 times a week and make sure to stretch after exercise.
In the morning on an empty stomach 2 cups of water, it is possible with a lemon, 10 minutes 2 tablespoons olive or linseed oil (that was the right body fat, breast and preservation of the menstrual cycle). You can also eat the green apple.
After 10-15 minutes - breakfast. it should be dense and full, in order to give a signal to the body that it's time to wake up and provide energy for the whole day.

Food was not drink and after eating another 40 minutes do not drink! This slows down digestion, resulting in gravity, expanding the stomach wall.
There are often, but by little. Ideally you need to break up the metabolism to eat five times a day every 3 hours and at one and the same time (to the body and used to work better).
Saunas do not burn fat only derive water from the body, which is returned after 2 hours.
Do not eat after six - cliches. There is no need for 3-4 hours before bedtime.
After 16 - only protein food. Carbohydrates afternoon prevroaschayutsya into fat.
Douches - a panacea for everything. It increases blood circulation, respectively, accelerates metabolism, smoothes cellulite, and improves the complexion and there is willpower. forward to the new habits!
Tschaatelno chew food slowly and thoughtfully. Again, to accelerate metabolism. Do you know why some eat a lot and do not get fat? Metabolism is good! This is the secret of French women - they do not hurry up while eating and never snack!
A feeling of fullness comes after 20 minutes, after you've eaten enough. Imagine how much you can eat in 20 minutes! So the delay with the food.
Turn meals in torture. Sit with your back straight, without TV / books, use all the instruments, the table is served by all the rules! Imagine sitting in front of you guy! And if you absolutely hardened, try there naked in front of a mirror!
I wanted to eat, but do not have to? Do 20 sit-ups, jumping 50! Take a fragrant bath, go to the store and look at the clothes!
Exercises to do every 5 minutes. sitting in front of a computer - go do the exercises for the press. After 5 minutes - you can poprisedat.
From sports do not want to eat for two reasons: physically - rastryasutsya bodies, sweat, psychologically - spent calories, do not want to type.
Every hour, drink a glass of water (preferably in small sips - so useful). Turn it into a fascinating process - add lemon, mint. Falling in love with the water.
Coffee, soda, fast food, chips, mayonnaise, sausage - your main enemy. Memorize these words and associate them with cellulite and sides. I hate them!
Nuts, Oil - useful, but in small quantities. It superkaloriynye products. So a handful of nuts, which are so easy to get carried away, can make all the estimated calorie your day! So do not get carried away with oil, seasoning salad. From this 100 kcal there may already contain 200, 300, 500 ... 8 nuts a day, no longer need.
Potatoes - but not fried. If you really want to eat potatoes in their skins, or at worst mashed potatoes.
What white, gray in the same calorie bread. So without prejudice - to accustom there without bread or moving to Rye.
Do not drink tea, do not bear this habit! Only if separate from food. And sugar, why do you empty carbohydrates? It is pure poison. Replace it with honey.
Green tea - 2 cups a day. It soothes, cleanses.


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