The results of the annual survey StackOverflow - about technology, salaries, happiness and coffee

The largest international portal developers StackOverflow conducted an annual survey. Attended by more than 26,000 people from 157 countries. results was very interesting.

The overall picture
The largest concentration of developers per 1,000 people in Luxembourg, Iceland and Sweden. The average age of the developer - 28.5 years, and his date of birth falls on April 1986. Less than 6% of women and almost half of them have started to program only in the last 2 years.

The most beautiful on the barn * rolls up his sleeves and takes up the code as you would think where? That's right, in India. I already imagine the scene: the early morning, the sun peeks through the window, her husband fell asleep on the keyboard, and the wife wakes up, pushes it and continues to code for it to catch the deadline. Ok, let's go further.

Open Source
It is interesting and important. More than 70% of the respondents are working on open-source projects in the amount of 2 hours or more (per week). If GitHub created in Russia, it certainly would encourage work to gain access to projects. For example, the subscription for a year would cost over-merge-nnyh 10 commits. We have an active civic stance is not very. But more and more I see colleagues on GitHub and is very happy.

JavaScript has become the overall winner in this year! Out of interest - nearly 50% for the year increased popularity Node.js. Almost one-third increase in the number of developers Full-stack.

It is interesting that, in comparison with last year reduced the number of system administrators and developers Enterprise-systems. It can be associated with the development of cloud solutions market and the overall trend in the fragmentation of systems when creating narrowly specialized solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with each other (JIRA, Basecamp, Slack, Zapier, AmoCRM). In this model, decision making takes place from the bottom up - the consumer (employee, department, department) selects which product it is convenient to use, rather than top management, as it was before, introduces inconvenient system "all-in-one." Thus killing two birds with one stone - start-ups easier to enter the market and end-users get convenient product that allows them to work more efficiently and with great enthusiasm. So, we come back.

Gradation salaries of programmers (on hand, with all the bonuses):
  1. Russia - $ 23,897
  2. Ukraine - $ 26,190
  3. US - $ 89,631 For web developers (average between JavaScript and Ruby):
    1. Eastern Europe - $ 26,628
    2. Western Europe - $ 57,712
    3. US - $ 93,129 As a consequence of (?) - Russia is ahead the whole world by the ratio between the "local" salaries of programmers and those who live in Russia, but working remotely. "Udalёnschiki" to ful-time earn 150% higher than the average, while (!), Those who have never worked remotely, earn 25% less than the average. About remote work a little bit later.

      And now I will focus on the fact that wages PHP-programmers continues to fall (especially noticeable in the market of Western Europe and the United States). In fact, this is not a reason to rejoice for those who introduces WordPress, Bitrix, Drupal and Joomla. This is a signal that more experienced developers will continue to migrate to higher paying positions (JavaScript, Ruby, etc.), while, as in this segment will increase the concentration of PHP Junior'ov. As a result - quality of development in PHP will fall.

      This trend I said a few years ago. But in our country is still dominated by the strategy "we are now and save if you take off, you rewrite" and "works - do not touch" instead of "do so cool that took off." I remember a year ago discussed with a friend who arrived after training in the States and started doing here your startup. Then he said, even if not a programmer, this trend has seen and started to do everything in Node.js. The result came out great. In general, do cool, consider the future and you will succeed!

      Recommend later become familiar with cycle OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act). In the meantime, continue.

      Satisfaction with their work
      Good news - programmers more satisfied with their jobs than other employees who are employed. And, most of all the satisfaction of programmers from Iran, the Netherlands, Norway and Israel. If you look at the positions, the most luck with Executive (CTO, CIO), Machine Learning and iOS Mobile Developers. At that time, as less than all of the industry are satisfied with product-managers (wonder why?), BI-experts (the guys, and that's what you're depressed?), Developers of graphics and back-end web developers.

      Remote work
      As I promised, back to the topic. The main result - the ability to work remotely in one degree or another, it is important for 50% of respondents. The main conclusion - the company that prevent work remotely, reducing the pool of potential candidates for the 2 times.

      And now the most interesting - about coffee among developers. The leaders are Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden - where the programmer to drink 3 cups of coffee a day. At that time, the average for the world - 2.2 cups of coffee a day (apparently begins Monday with a double portion).

      I was impressed with the results of the study. And you? I invite you to comment, exchange ideas and share their vision.

      Full results of the survey can be found here .

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