PageRank algorithm used to determine the most successful football teams

Known for Google ranking algorithm entities in the number of cross-references between them was applied by two researchers from Macedonia to determine what kind of football team should be on the throne of the strongest. In the end it turned out that mathematics is the best true - at the top of the podium was Brazil. Article published on

The research methodology was based on the statistics of national football teams participating in the World Cup. Since 1930, 210 teams from various state played each other about 7000 football matches. During this time scored more than 20 000 heads or 4.3 goals per match.

Placing the football teams in the nodes of the graph, the weight of edges which depended on what was the outcome opponents finished the match, the researchers assumed that the weight of the team must improve if she beat a strong team. To the network and has been applied PageRank.

According to the results of the algorithm commands in this order:
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Argentina
  • England li >
  • Spain
  • France football was king of Brazil, the team which has played more games than any other team. Brazilians also won the largest number of games and scored the most goals. The results obtained are slightly different from the official data. The first three FIFA - Brazil, Italy, Germany - meet the PageRank, but Argentina took the Netherlands.



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