Computer games and children's development or why I will make your child "this nonsense"

« Get away from the computer, sitting behind him all day. Go teach lessons. And so a fool and stay for life i> ». How many times have I heard these words of his childhood. And to all my objections about the usefulness of their classes, I always got a surprised eyes and Curling finger to his temple.

And after 15 years, when the horizon loomed the question of education of their own child, I decided to once again reflect on the role of computer (and everything that can be included in this concept) games in the development of the little man.

Rank will gain skills on their demand and the need for the child. Try to exclude games that carry along with positive and negative in the form of, for example, shooting at people.

Let's start with the most classic and necessary things, such as early arcade games like Arkanoid and Tetris.

These simple at first glance games develop a child's hand motility, logic, the ability to think several moves ahead, to assess the situation. These skills are fundamental to the life of every person, of course, to instill these skills can and other methods, but if the child likes to know them through the game, why not disturb him.

Go ahead. Games, developing reactions such as Earthworm Jim, Dangerous Dave (I promised to exclude fire, but then we shoot in square cartoon zombies, it does not count) or Prince of Persia, which, despite the low pace of the game, it was necessary to have excellent reflexes to jump over many obstacles and avoid the pitfalls. Also, the child learns endurance and becomes less careless in life situations.

Socialize game. There is a clear superiority, I would have given the series The Sims. After playing this game, the child begins to take primary social values ​​like "house to keep clean", "If you do not learn, then you will not get a job," and "If you do not work, then there is nothing to buy to eat," and eat always want. Moreover, the "Sims" give a child the first glimpse of the relationship with the opposite sex, it is absolutely innocent explaining that the girls should behave well and make them compliments.

Also in this category to some extent be attributed a number of MMORPG. Those who put at the heart of teamwork, such as WOW or Dota2. The child begins to understand that having even the coolest elf level 80, one in life is not to succeed. You need to look for friends, though situational, which will help you. And this is the ability to negotiate, to dialogue, a no sense of team.

I'd add that the same application and has the ability to «Schoolboy» from « Smiles.Shkolnaya map ». It is intended as children unite in one information field, providing them with a platform to communicate and organize their communication through the built-in games for multiple players. The application also performs all the functions «electronic diary» child.

Next, I would put a whole set of quest games - from the earliest to the present. Such as Neverhood, Grim Fandango, Myst, Syberia or Broken Age. Here I added and "Space Rangers", with their endless quest text. All these toys combine tasks that they set the player. This solving puzzles and unravel the puzzles. The ability to engage in dialogue. With the passage of quests child develops visual memory and trains logical thinking. The same effect can be obtained if the seat his crossword puzzles and sudoku, but the child will be more willing to deal with: it is not clear what purpose to fill the squares on a sheet or to solve the mystery of the mythical magical city, to save humanity?

By the way, pathological craving for help near and rescue those in distress, is a side, but very nice bonus from such games.

We now turn to "igrulku whistles," as my mother would say, that can help your child specifically during schooling. I specifically did not include in the list of those that have been developed as teaching, only entertainment.

For example, to interest the child study physics or chemistry, fit like a modern game Amazing Alex. Then he finds out where you want to apply a force to get the desired result, or that the heating or cooling substances can change their properties. Or that the cat does not need to throw off the bowling ball.

To teach a child the basics of biology, I advise to introduce him to the creation of EA Games - Spore. The game will tell him about the theory of evolution, microbiology, animal world, food chains, and more.

Help with the history and geography of your child will be able to pervasive strategies such as Europa Universalis, Victria, «Victory Day», Civilization series of games or Total War. Before you know it, your child will be self-googling years of the Napoleonic wars, the causes of the Franco-Prussian conflict and the borders of the Ottoman Empire until 1908.

As you can see, not all that bad, that is played on a computer. Earlier, I wrote that there are games that carry and negative, and there are those to which children should not be allowed categorically. Your task - to instill in children a love for good entertainment, and there is a proven way: play with him!

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