Day of spontaneous acts of kindness

Day of spontaneous acts of kindness (Random Acts of Kindness Day) - one of the recent initiatives of international charities. This holiday has a global significance and is celebrated, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religious beliefs.
In Ukraine, this holiday is still little known. On this day, as the organizers call, you should try to be kind to everyone, and not just the good, and infinitely kind and unselfish.
Remember, if a person expects gratitude for his kindness, it can not be considered a true kindness. You do not have to rely on what will become the witness of the joy of others and hear their praise.
Good works themselves should bring you pleasure, and at the same time giving something to others or help them, you should not expect a reward. This is a real kindness.
Few in our turbulent times, are capable of such a "feat" - a state of fatigue and irritation of the pressing concerns we often indifferently pass by other people's problems, as they do not touch ourselves.
And then we look for the support and participation of the people for whom "selfless assistance", "charity" and "compassion" is not just words, but the meaning of life, which has become a vocation.


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