There is such a holiday

I was surprised to find that today is a holiday spontaneous acts of kindness. Any traditions he did not get as he ages - nothing at all, but I am glad that along with a completely insane and senseless holidays and found a place for universal heat.
Random Acts of Kindness Day - an occasion to remember the true values ​​of life and that kindness is able to heal from mental anguish and disease everyone who takes it. So you should at least try to show the good intentions in all their actions.
In Ukraine, as in Russia, while the holiday is not something that is not caught, and simply not well known. How Come? Maybe because we already excessively good?))
In many countries, however, this holiday quite actively celebrate. And can be any number buhtet about the hypocrisy of kindness one day a year, and by request, but a holiday just to exist, to once again make us think about how we actually treat others. And there still are able to do something selflessly, without expecting anything in return.
In any case, this idea came to New Zealand businessman Josh de Jong in 2004. Together with friends, he tried to implement it in practice. Liked the idea of ​​not only friends Josh, but the mass of people in other countries, the benefit in this age of the Internet and social networks distance - not a hindrance.
The idea is really worthwhile. I would like to adding to it the words of Mark Twain:
"Kindness - is something that can see and hear the deaf blind"


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