Google Apps stops access to their services from Crimea

Chain letter dispatched in the night of January 24, and was as follows:

Dear Google Apps customer,

It seems that users of your domain is connected to Google services from the Crimea in the last two weeks. In connection with the recent international sanctions, we must observe, users can not get access to Google Apps from the Crimea since January 31, 2015. They will receive a "Can not enter" message when trying to log in.

Since access to the Google accounts located in the Crimea will be suspended, we strongly recommend that users residing in Crimea export your data to January 31, 2015. To export data, see Transferring data from Google Apps. If your users need help to export data and you have a Google Apps for work or Google Apps for Education, please contact the Google Apps support or reseller.

Note: You must remove users who no longer have access to, so that we are not billed for them. See Deleting a User Account for more information. Blockquote>
 Difficult to understand, access will be blocked completely or VPN save.
Most alarming that after these actions may fall under the distribution and regular users Gmail.
Perhaps only Google Apps customers warned in advance.

Ordinary users should play it safe and make a backup.

If you use Gmail, in conjunction with your domain from the Crimea and you for some reason did not get the message should start to make copies and migration now.

It remains an open question of access to Google Analytics, there is no data-eksportiruesh in metric.

In principle, everything else you can find an alternative.



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