Most popular sites: annual ranking from 1996 to 2014

If you think that Google, Facebook, Amazon has always been large and hugely resource, and there, as you can remember - that set aside homework and sit closer. Now I'll tell you about the ancient Internet. Or rather, about 20 of the most popular sites in each of the years from 96.

Internet in the second half of the 90 actually in its infancy, and it was dark and strange place. No Google or Facebook did not exist then. Amazon also released a top only in '98. Surviving veterans can only be called AOL and Yahoo. In '96 some of the sites owned ranking colleges that are heavily involved in the development of the Internet. From 1996 to 2000 - a year of rapid development of the Internet and the dot-com boom. Raise your legs are little old, who had a page on GeoCities? And remember such a service? It swallowed giant Yahoo. Five major search engines - Altavista.


Well, the most popular site was the site of AOL . And no wonder - it's the largest in the United States Page провайдера Tier . In '97 half of Americans go online with this provider, using proprietary software, which has formed its online community. Interesting fact - AOL hosts the first multiplayer online RPG with graphics instead of text, since 1991, Neverwinter Nights ( no, it's not a game from BioWare).


The beginning of the two thousandth - then ruled by Microsoft / MSN and Windows with its rapidly emerged Google, overturned all the other search engines.


Mid zero - there is a blue giant Facebook, and Google is attached to the top of the rankings, varying only with Yahoo. And eBay losing ground.


Our era. The status quo today - Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook. It is not clear what they were doing in the first ten Glam Media, and who they are. Apparently, some of the women's group of websites and blogs.

Rating is based on data comScore - American company engaged in online analytics and data collection. Rating compiled in WashingtonPost



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