New kiberprotezy already connected directly to the nerves

Just recently, two or three years ago struck the imagination prosthetic hand that, in fact, not so much and know how - just twist the wrist and fingers to bend, and on predefined templates that man chooses himself, contracting muscles in the hand in order to transmit the prosthesis team. In essence, this allows you to return the hand of some of the functionality, but still remained prosthesis i>, tries to imitate the lost capacity. But now everything has changed.

Mr. Le Bow, who lost both hands as a result of intsedentov, equipped with cyber-limbs with full degrees of freedom normal hands, which are controlled directly by thought.

Despite the fact that while he certainly can manage it in a multi-drop mode - it is necessary to build the position of the hands of the hinge joint - I'm still inclined to say that this is the first full-fledged cyber-limb prosthesis instead. The problem of the limited management certainly decide in the future, the first home PC also had a gigabyte of memory.



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