The first prosthetic arm controlled smartphone

The American company Toys Vops made a prosthesis of a human hand called i-Limb Ultrа Revоlution, which can be controlled not just with the muscles of the hand and mobile device, which can make it an interesting device to perform many different functions.
Modern phones are not simply mobile phones with advanced functionality, and multifunctional devices, through which you can drive a car, combat robot, home appliances and even electric prosthesis.

The first such prosthesis was demonstrated not so long ago, the American company Toys Vops.
Prosthetic hand i-Limb Ultrа Rеvolution (or just the i-Limb) is a hand prosthesis of a person. Like many other such electronic devices that can be controlled by means of the muscles of the forearm to which it is attached. But this method is not the only one.

The artificial hand i-Limb can be connected via the wireless interface Bluеtooth to your phone on which you installed the necessary software. This mobile app will give you the opportunity to make the prosthesis 24 different actions that will help its owner in most domestic situations.

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