5 incredible prosthetics created for animals

Modern prosthetics every year reaches new heights. It used to be the loss of an arm or leg to give up on the further destiny of man. Who is he, by the development of technologies that can continue an active life, including in the physical plane. In this high-tech prosthetic make not only for people but also for our smaller brethren. Today we tell you about five of the most amazing examples of prosthetics for animals.

New trunk elephant for

Trunk - this is perhaps the main body of the elephant, without which the life of the animal is not possible. And the elephant, who lost this part of the body, has no chance of survival - he can not even feed itself. However, Festo has developed an artificial proboscis, which is intended to replace the injured animals this body.

However, in the Festo originally did not plan to create a prosthetic for the elephants. The engineers of the company have studied the properties of a trunk in terms of its efficiency in order to create a new class of manipulators that are used during precision work.

When I heard about this development, Festo also addressed veterinarians with a request to create a tech prosthetic trunk for sick elephants. As a result, there are two devices - bionic arm for the ongoing human manipulation and artificial organ for injured animals.

New dog paw on Orthopets

Explore the Naki! This unique dog with a complex fate. People have found a five-week puppy in the cold, flooding the basement beside the body of his mother, who died of cooling. The child had been frostbitten all four paws that veterinarians had to remove.

Crippled puppy took himself one of the doctors who took part in his salvation. She decided to give him a new, full life, and began searching for a company that could create a prosthesis for Naki. Her choice fell on a company Orthopets - successful in the market, the company, who had to issue new authorities not only for dogs and cats, and even horses and storks.

Having learned the tragic story of Nucky, the company agreed to Orthopets totally free to create four high-precision prosthesis for the animal's paws. And in a matter of hours dog learned to use "new clothes." Now he is a full-fledged mobile life is no different from the lives of hundreds of millions of other happy dogs.

The new tail for dolphin

Winter the Dolphin - is the real star of the aquarium in Clearwater, Florida. To meet him to go thousands of people. The fact is that the tail of the sea mammal was damaged in 2005 net to catch crabs. Wounded dolphin himself nailed to the people to help him in trouble.

Veterinarians placed a dolphin aquarium in Clearwater - one of the largest research centers of marine animals in the entire United States. There he was in 2007 created an artificial tail that allows for a full underwater life. But Winter did not want to leave after rehabilitation cozy dolphin pools.

Now, this dolphin is engaged in rehabilitation of people who have lost limbs. He advocates a living symbol of the struggle with injuries of the musculoskeletal system - to meet him in Clearwater travel by people from all over the world. The bulk of the "patients" Winter - children whose parents are on a meeting with a dolphin, in order to show that the loss of a limb - is not the end of life, but only the beginning of a new phase of her.

New foot for duck printed on 3D-printer

The advent of printers allow you to print three-dimensional objects, prosthetics brought unprecedented opportunities. It is now a matter of hours you can create a prosthesis of any complexity, the creation of which used to be taken away a lot of effort and time. One of the most famous cases of three-dimensional printing in orthopedics animals occurred due to the company NovaCopy. Her work has made duckling named Buttercup worldwide celebrity.

Buttercup hatched from eggs with genetic mutation - his left foot was twisted in the opposite direction, that prevented him from moving. Veterinarians had to remove the limb and firm NovaCopy printed for a new duck leg that allowed the bird to start a normal life.
The prosthesis is a silicone "sock", which is attached to the stump legs completely without rubbing the skin. It is convenient and practical, but still weighs only a few grams.

The prosthetic tail for alligator

Mr. Stubbs became the world's first alligator, which was created for a prosthetic limb. The tail of the crocodile lost due to the smugglers who transported him and 32 colleagues in the back of a truck. And there they are either quarreled with each other, or were suffering from hunger.

Police stopped the truck, handed tailless Mr. Stubbs employees Herpetological Society of Phoenix, Arizona, and those engaged in the rehabilitation of crippled animal. They appealed to the Research Institute of Orthopedics, thence to the crocodile experts have created a new limb. And they treated the job very seriously - studied experimental center of gravity, the safety of the muscles in his back and has many other options, without which it is impossible to create a successful prosthesis.

At first, Mr. Stubbs tried to bite her new silicone tail attached to the body by means of straps, but gradually got used to it and now can not live without artificial limbs. Because alligators can not swim without a tail.



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