Letter tormentor

Hi *******! I'm sorry I was not able to meet with you today. Do you remember 8 years ago, I was fat and you're over me for it mocked? No? I somehow remember that for three years I ate almost nothing after that, less than one apple a day. So today and dinner, I decided to skip. Remember, you're making fun of my monobrov? Remember how you were disgusting my hairy legs? Remember how three consecutive years you and your friends call me "Butch monster"? Probably not, but it is unlikely that you would be 8 years later, I found it attractive enough to treat me like a real person. I am writing this letter to you, so you do not forget. And the photograph attached, now that the next time you think of me, mind you, "threw" you is this girl. Louise ».


Girl has published a letter and a photo of yourself in 14 years on his Facebook page. And the guy there did she sent a letter of apology (which we also give).

"Hey ... If it comes to that, I just wanted to meet you and become friends, and you do not assign a date, because you're so good looking. On the other hand, I certainly deserve the way you came with me, and certainly can not let you in what to blame. I can not change who I was 8 years ago, and certainly I can not insult you by pretending that nothing had happened. But I hope you believe me when I say that he became a different person. I can only apologize and wish you all the best. Probably we will never meet again, but I really wish you the success that you deserve ».



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