Things that we are taught tales, and who do not work in real life

Yes, almost every fairy tale has a magical character who most certainly help the main character or heroine in the most difficult for him (her) time. Hunter saves Little Red Riding Hood fairy godmother helps Cinderella, and so on. But that is what these stories teach us, so it's a simple rule: sometimes every man for himself, and often it is necessary to save yourself.

No, of course, we all sang along with Snow White and the seven dwarfs her when they fervently clean up around the house under his amusing songs and melodic peresvist. And Cinderella hlopochuschih at home, we also happily accompanied.

But what in fairy tales do not tell, it's the fact that the work does not always want to sing. Sometimes, when our customers or - on the contrary - the authorities take us out of ourselves, we no longer want to howl and scream, whistle than anything insignificant.

This paragraph deals with more girls than boys. Remember, look like every day protagonists known fairy tales? Correct: fabulous. Whatever happens in the life of Cinderella, her hair is always perfect, not a single extra curl.

In real life, of course, everything is a little different. No, there are days when you feel like a princess, but admits to himself often entirely contrary g. Makeup uneven, color some bird's nest. Even if it is actually not so bad, sometimes you feel that way.

But believe me, there is no need literally every day to look perfect. Suffice it to look good. In the end, the beauty of the light is better from the inside.

This myth is perfectly combined with the previous one. Every girl wants to be Belle (from "Beauty and the Beast"), Snow White and Cinderella at the same time. After all, they are ideal waist, perfect skin, neat feet and in general all the best, which may want to imagine a young girl.

It is important that parents were able to explain to his maturing child that does not have to be not below a certain height. And the girls with a wider waist too beautiful. Because stereotypes about appearance - the most harmful, dangerous and corrosive.

Non-standard appearance in fairy tales always used to emphasize the evil nature of the character. Remember all these witches with hooked noses, large moles and wrinkles. Of course, everything in life is not so simple. And people with physical disabilities can be much kinder most handsome and polished beauties. In general, old as the world, "do not judge a book by its cover" seems fine.



Have you noticed how often adoptive parents in fairy tales are the embodiment of evil? Willy-nilly, it can get you to believe that stepfathers and stepmothers - entirely evil individuals, cruel and merciless people, do not experience a drop of sympathy for his foster child.

But in fact, foster families - no matter how complex the relationship in them - not so bad. And generally speaking, and often contrary own family consists entirely of "goblins", and in the waiting room - the joy, comfort and love.



Too discreet, but very firmly settled in the minds of stereotype. Look for all the positive heroes of fairy tales. How do they get their way? Very simple: they are always nice, kind, compliant and polite. But if it works in fairy tales on "hurray", in real life can sometimes turn into a problem.

There are times when you need to behave a little harder or even more sharply rebuff abuser, get things done, to fend for themselves. And then do not have to feel bad. Everything is good in moderation and on the situation: the kindness and stiffness.



Remember Grasshopper dragonfly, which sang all the "Red Summer", and winter was left with nothing? A hardworking ant then long reproached her frivolity: he worked all summer, probably never had time to go to the beach, but a hefty supply for the winter.

As in any fairy tale, here the world is divided into black and white, but the reality is not so simple. Dragonfly, of course, was something wrong, but Ant and, frankly, the more boring. In life, better balance between work and fun, or really high risk of being left with nothing on the one hand, or so nothing but work and not see the other.



In tales happens that some irresistible evil corrupts life of the protagonist, poisons them existence for many years. But as soon as the curse is removed, and the villain is defeated, life is getting better at once, as if nothing wrong and was not.

Again, everything in life is not so simple: the majority of our actions in the past have a serious impact on our lives in a real,. But the most unpleasant thing that has been done very often can not be undone. Therefore it is necessary to treat any responsible decisions in their lives. After all, beat them back oud not work.


"Happily Ever After" - ends with each tale. It seems that the main characters do not have any problems, quarrels, experiences, tragedies, challenges, mistakes and wrong decisions. And it would be great if it was true.

But the truth is that bad things happen in life. Life consists of a series of good and bad things that we often make mistakes in others, losing friends and loved ones are faced with pain and suffering. But with this you just have to accept: in the end, for the sorrow necessarily follow any joy. It is only necessary to be able to wait.



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