Saratov recaptured cars pensioner in a tow truck

In the social network has video of the Unyielding actions inspectors DPS evacuation vehicle. Owned by an elderly couple car "VAZ-2106" was improperly parked. Roller published in the social network "VKontakte┬╗.

In the video, DPS inspectors refuse to return just dive on a tow truck "six" to its owners. Despite all the entreaties of the driver and a retired police officer requests his companion refused, citing the law. The inspector asked passersby, they were asked to write out a fine and return the car who returned it to the owner. The footage agitated pensioner climbed onto a tow truck and demanded the return of his car.

Video by Nicholas said "fourth power" that the incident occurred today at about 11.30 near the market "Balloon" in Factory area. "Recently there prohibiting signs hung 3.29 and 3.30 (no parking on the even and odd days). About 20 minutes later we were fighting for these people, in the end they fined and released the car "- said the witness. [Next]


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