Strange retired

I went to the store for mineral water - after a workout drink very much.
Passing the bread department saw a pensioner, and laid some change on the table perekusochnom he considered it slowly.
Heart sank. I decided to give him 100 rubles. I thought that I did not lose anything, but it can help. Yes, and I will sleep.
He came, gave $ 100 and left. I did not look at his reaction.
I was standing in line in back fits the pensioner okuratno touches the shoulder, giving 5000 and says:
I am very pleased that at least some of the young respects old age, God grant you health, and if you see the next time the same retiree, did not pass away, and left ...
I stood for a long time with 5 thousand in his hands and did not know there Th ...
As I said kasirsha - is the owner of this store.

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