An unusual way of earning money

60-year-old pensioner Harry invented a unique way of earning money. Each note he wrote the following sentence, "Please, if you have the opportunity to return this bill to me, I am very poor," also signed below his home address. It is not surprising, but the method really works. The main percentage of people return the money, thus giving him the opportunity to repeat the procedure indefinitely.

To increase the probability of return, Gary mostly spends $ 1 bills, because people break up with them is easier than with money in 10 or 20 dollars. On the day of resourceful pensioner receives $ 2 per month, this amounts to an average of $ 60, but sometimes it comes and prize in an envelope and then he can reach the sum of $ 100 per month. And it is not only the bills are returned from the United States, but also from the Netherlands, and even from Australia.
Gary was not ashamed of the way of earnings, because he considers it a kind of joke, and wants to make a person laugh. Many people write to him his attitude to this idea, and some even surprised that do not come up with this.




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