Towing services in Moscow - fast and reliable

Everyone knows what a nuisance can become a car crash in the city center at rush hour. Get out of this situation on their own is not easy. Before the driver immediately gets a lot of questions: what car service address where it is located, and how to tow the car away.

Fortunately, the city has been working evacuation cars. Reasons to contact for help may be several, and this is not necessarily failure. During the service can be accessed 24 hours a day. Whatever time of day or night "jam" the machine on the motorist will always answer the call. While the tow and equated to the MOE, but it's safe to call them rescue service.

Moscow as immense as the country itself. The streets are long and cluttered, so the experts made sure to rationally allocate their forces in the city. For example, in the street Myasnitskaya evacuation point is located which serves the surrounding area. If evacuation is necessary to the Butcher Street, then you must notify the dispatcher service. He will decide from what place better to send a tow truck.

The business center of the capital, as a rule, the most giddy, so the greatest demand tow truck in central Moscow . There is usually a large concentration of machines that can be damaged due to objective reasons or in case of an accident. Order of service is convenient because it can be used not only for passenger cars but also for trucks.

The only difference between the process of towing is that the car is fully loaded onto a tow truck, and the truck - partially. Fixing the machine to the manipulator is due to the connection and the rigid coupling. Whatever the size or class was not a car, it is not a reason to refuse the services of emergency. Turning to the controller, you must tell him all the details, which can be confusing for the owner of the car. Surely experts will find a way out of a difficult situation.

At the disposal of the company there are several types of tow trucks. If the center of Moscow is stuck small, underweight car, to help him hasten maneuverable equipment that best cope with traffic congestion. If we are talking about high-end car or truck, without the powerful platform we can not do.

Whatever happens on the road, there is always a way out. Once in a difficult situation, do not despair and lose time. It is necessary to immediately seek help. Just a few minutes of a tow truck - and the car has been delivered to the appropriate service center.


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