Company "Albatross" - European quality of domestic products

On the Ukrainian market of building materials there are not many companies that have managed to compete with European products on the quality of its products. Among them is the company "Albatross", which for nearly two decades provides roofing materials not only Dnepropetrovsk, but the whole Ukraine. During this time, the quality of any production metal tile and façade panels have time to appreciate the hundreds of thousands of families.

The secret of success "Albatross" is simple. The quality of all the products comply with European standards, and the prices - Ability Ukrainian buyer. "Albatross" is very quick to respond to the needs of the domestic market, the domestic consumer offering the most modern building materials, with an assortment of which can be found at / . For example, in 1998 the company launched the first in Ukraine Finnish metal line, and today is the only manufacturer in our country front cartridges coated "Chameleon", whose color depends on the lighting and the angle of view.

However, most consumers appreciate products "Albatross" not so much for its uniqueness and modernity, as for its quality. High product quality is ensured by a number of factors. In contrast to the majority of domestic manufacturers, the company never compromise on the quality of raw materials, and therefore can guarantee a long service life of its own production of metal (the warranty period is 20 years, but in fact, according to the test results, it will last at least 30 years).

Metal from the "Albatross" is not only reliable but also easy to use. Quality modern equipment and perfectly mastered the production technology allow to produce metal roofing with precise geometry of the sheet, providing maximum comfort and ease of its installation. If required, is possible to manufacture sheets of any length (up to 8 m). colors are also very diverse, which makes it possible to choose the optimal variant of the roof.

In addition to roofing materials "Albatross" manufactures sandwich panels, facades, fences, drainage systems, profiles for drywall. The company also provides services for cutting and rolling of metal. Such a wide range of products and services and consistently high quality made "Albatross" regular supplier for many construction companies operating in Ukraine.


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