A very rare disease turned the boy to the pensioner

Resident of India Ali Hussain Khan (Ali Hussain Khan) looks like a dried man, but really he's just a teenager — he's only 14 years old. Rare disease turned the boy to the pensioner and claimed the lives of his sisters and brothers.

They all suffered from a mysterious disease. As they get older sons and daughters of Nabi and Rashi has begun to attract everyone's attention as started to remind people of old age.

Parents of young old people guessing, not knowing what was the cause of the metamorphosis. Only in 1995 year, the expert who examined the children, the parents explained that their children suffer from a very rare genetic defect known as progeria (from Dr. Grech. — the old man). This disease is characterize a number of pathological changes inherent in the aging process, and usually fatal.

Now the family of Hussein there was only one child — a 14-year-old Ali Hussain Khan.

The boy knows that his life could end at any moment, but never ceases to lose hope for recovery. He hopes that doctors will find a miracle drug that can prolong his life.

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