Best places for an autumn vacation

Has come "the velvet season" – great time to vacation in many countries, when You will enjoy good climatic conditions and no annoying crowds of tourists. We want to give you a list of countries that it is best to visit in the fall.
In September-October in Australia the weather is wonderful almost the entire continent. It should be noted that September is still more suitable for visiting the peripheral regions, as in the Central part of the continent is still often the hottest days. The average temperature in Australia during this period – about 18 degrees, which is ideal for exploring the attractions of this unusual continent. Ideal this period and to visit the capital of Australia – Canberra.

The one who misses a large number of people from different countries with whom You will be able to meet and have a good time, and don't know where to go for this in September, can pay attention to China. At this time there is a huge number of international exhibitions and fairs in major cities, they attract a lot of tourists from various countries. In addition, in autumn here you can find a kind of atmosphere in China at this time of year still quite nice weather conditions – the average temperature is about 25 degrees and dry.

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