The smallest animals on the planet

Our planet is inhabited by a large number of animals that live on land, in water, in the air and under the ground. Their world is diverse and rich, and each of the creatures occupying its own niche. They do not like each other and are not only lifestyle, but also an unusual size. And if big creatures are always in sight, it is small so easy to meet, although they also relatively abundant.
The Paedophryne Microquake
Smallest land animal. Microquake (lat. Paedophryne) – this tiny frog, which belongs to the family of microquakes or skorotov.

The fish Paedocypris progenetica
The small aquatic animal. Fish Paedocypris progenetica, the smallest inhabitant of ponds. You will be able to found in peat bogs and waste streams of Indonesia.

Small brookesia chameleon
The smallest lizard in the world. Small brookesia chameleon (lat. Brookesia minima) lives in the tropical forests of Madagascar.

Carlae snake Tetracheilostoma
Tetracheilostoma carlae snake – the little snake that she found in the Caribbean.

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